Care after Combat

Message from the co-founder*

All of us are proud of our service men and women. We have the best armed forces in the world. Not the biggest but have you ever seen a diamond as big as a brick? We must now show that we are the best supporters of our forces in the world as well.

Our troops have fought a succession of battles over the last 50 years. Some veterans are still fighting those battles. We hope to get them feeling better, and ready to continue with their lives.

Not all service men are traumatised, far from it. Business leaders are united in the opinion that the ex service person is top of their recruitment list. The training and discipline that they have is second to none. They simply are the best. Some however need a little help with the transition from military life to a strange world of civilians!

Care after Combat helps these people along the way.

Care after Combat deals with ALL veterans and ALL their problems. If we cant fix it we know a man who can.

Our team of trustees and advisors are here for our veterans 24/7.

Oh and there’s me as well.

*Jim resigned from the charity in February 2020, but is staying on as an unpaid volunteer until a suitable replacement Chief Executive can be found

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