Care after Combat

A drug and alcohol programme for Veterans in the Criminal Justice System and their civilian friends.

The well-being of former serving members of the Armed Forces has been at the centre of policy and research for some time. There is evidence from clinical practice and academic research showing that veterans can encounter difficulties dealing with the impact of their service experience after leaving the forces as well as challenges moving from military life to civilian life.

  • Increasing awareness of drug and alcohol misuse
  • Improving health
  • Improving wellbeing
  • Reducing violence

The pathway to adulthood criminality is arguably rooted in an individual’s childhood. The link between drugs and crime can be seen to be a costly relationship both socially and economically, whilst the number of prisoners reporting problems with drugs and/or alcohol on arrival in prison remains worryingly high.

Dr Nick Murdoch PhD MA BA (Hons), Head of Research

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