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He Who Dares Diets...

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Adam's Story

To help and support the charity, and those who need us to give back. I will be raising money for every Kilo I lose between 1st October and the 21st December. You can sponsor me by the Kilo or a one off donation, my target is 20 Kilos.....Lets do this!
October the 1st...official weigh in....eye watering 129.4 Kilos.....
That gives me plenty to we will be back on the 31st October for my next weight check and to cash in off the first round of sponsors....
Lets get dieting.....
Shout out to Wendy also, who has challenged me to a diet off...(didin't know there was such a thing..) for 100 quid, Game on Wendy....
See you on the 31st guys!

Well here we are...its the 30th October, I can honestly say I have given over the last month. I have done so with the thoughts of the troops in mind, and on many occasion when I thought it was hard, I have visioned what they have done and do every day. When i thought it was difficult I imagined the training and live situations these guys go and have been through, and realised, mine, aint that bad!
So its 5am, havn't been able to sleep as I  been waiting for the scale..and here we are.....124..2 kilo....nice! 5.2 kilos lighter!
It actually feels so worth it, not only for the cause, but I feel much better...I also know now it can be done and this is only my kind of half way in mark...
Thank you to the people who have donated I am now about to receive my first donnations from my sponsors.........
Now its time for a weekend wash out, and then lets do it again...118 kilo here I come....!!
Nest weigh in ..30th November...

Well here we are 30th November...its been a tough month, and what feels a long month! But I able to stand on the scales again and bring it some funds. Its slowed down this month, I have found it hard, and a couple of times slipped off the diet. But managing a further 2.1 kilos adding another couple of hundred pounds from sponsors today.
I think my wife was right, why is it they always seem to know best lol. So I have three weeks left, final wiegh in on 21st December, ready for me to pile it all back on over Christmas lol...thanks to everyone who has been supporting me through this...only three weeks to go...

Well after a hard slog, a brutal fast and a lot of from my friends I have hit my target! 119.7 kilos...10 kilo lighter...I can honestly say I glad its over, but will continue after Christmas. I now have my eyes on my goal of 110kilo, and I know how to do it! Fasting was my key to weight loss, it really works for me, and I will keep pushing I feel so much better!
Thanks for all the support and I wish everyone a very happy Christmas!

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Gary weston

Good luck Adam!

Goga Media Limited

£100 + £25.00 Gift Aid
Go on Adam you can do it !!!! Well done !!!!


£100 + £25.00 Gift Aid
Well Done Adam! Keep going


Good luck Adam!!

Efficient Homes SL

Good luck Adam! From the Whole Team at Efficient Homes....keep going, and lets smash November!!


£250 + £62.50 Gift Aid
A fantastic charity!

Goga Media Limited

£250 + £62.50 Gift Aid
Good luck Adam!


Good luck Adam!

Emma Rigby

Well done Adam!

zanfer ferraby

Good luck Adam From zanfer

Kul sandhu

Best of luck bro

Nav Sandhu

Good luck Adam!


Good luck Bruv

Paul Rodriguez

£30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
Good luck Adam! A great cause.


Good luck Adam! From Charlotte ?

Tracy Eland

Good luck Adam!

Justin Clark

Good luck mate. A goal properly set, is half way reached!


Good luck Adam!


£50 + £12.50 Gift Aid
Good luck Adam! I love you