These tributes are from Veterans that have been helped and supported by Care after Combat.

Dear Care after Combat,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the kindness of heart you showed me the first day we met in prison. I felt a big burden had been taken away from me when you said that you would help me through this, and you definitely did. I have looked up to you on this journey I have taken. I want to take this opportunity and thank every each one of you at Care After Combat Newark for being there for me when nobody else cared in my times of struggle.

The Care After Combat Newark was there stretching their loving caring arms to help me out when I was hanging off the edge. Only you know this because I was in contact with you all the way through until I got released.

I would rate this Care After Combat to anyone in the ex armed forces, navy, Royal Air Force if they are going through hell. I bet every penny that the Care After Combat team will be there in times of need. Once again thank you Care After Combat for the kindness of heart you have showed me.
Please do not hesitate to keep in touch. I’m your biggest fan.

Kind regards,