Some say that he comes from the North. That he rode with the chosen ones. Some say that he is in fact is the chosen one.

They say he dropped from the sky… on many occasions. That he has fought many battles.

They say that a mention of his name causes panic among bad guys, for he is armed with two God given weapons. Truth and Love.

Some say that he wears no medals but has been given many. There is talk he has two MCs one of which he rides.

They say that there is no fight that he will not win in the name of justice. They say that many owe their lives to this man.

He now faces a new challenge, one that he takes on with great enthusiasm and devotion.

They say that he lives to help others and will take no rest until he has.

Some say he has many names. We say we are proud to call him our fellow trustee; they call him… Goose.

Chris Davis

Chris began his career in show business as a terrible magic act, working with some of the country’s greatest stars from Shirley Bassey to Basil Brush, then he saw the light!

In 1984 Chris purchased a bankrupt clothing company called John Partridge, employing fifteen people. Over the next ten years, Chris developed the business to become one of the leading brands in country clothing, employing over three hundred people. The company was awarded the Queens Award for Export in 1991. In 1994 Chris sold the then successful company by way of a management buyout and returned to the entertainment industry, but this time on the business side.

Today Chris runs Chris Davis Management Ltd, a theatrical agency representing over 150 artists working in Theatre, TV and film and a Production Company which produces a diverse selection of shows for both the touring market and West End.

David Rogers

David Rogers is a Senior Contract Manager working in the MOJ.

Previously David worked in prisons for 26 years, having been the Governor of both HMP Winchester and HMP Reading.

David has also worked at every grade within the prison service, having been a Prison Officer for 6 years. His original training was as a professional chef and he still enjoys cooking in his spare time.

David is passionate about his work and truly believes that Care after Combat and the work thereof can turn lives around and make a genuine difference to Veterans who find themselves in prison.

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