Doctor’s Log – Star Date 29 December 2017

Busy week just prior to the festive season. We docked with USS Portcullis for a planned meeting with the Veterans Minister, The Rt. Honourable Tobias Ellwood MP and his team.

Message from the CEO

There is a great quote from the bible that I use from time to time. It is from Isiah. You can recognise him by the fact that one eye’s higher…

Doctor’s Log – Star Date 17 December 2017

On this day………… On this day (17th December 1939) during the Battle of River Plate near Montevideo, Uruguay, the British trapped the German pocket battleship Graf Spee. German Captain Langsdorf sank

Star Date 07 December 2017: Mixed Fortunes

  I heard on Monday that a veteran I had been seeing in my previous job had passed away. He was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD), an autosomal, dominantly inherited

Star Date 03 December 2017: Open all Hours

Delighted to report our two newly released veterans are readjusting to life outside prison. We have provided clothing, a television and mobile phone in one instance which has been gratefully

Doctor’s Log Star Date Dec 2017

HMP Winchester – Always an interesting visit A busy week culminated in a planned regular visit to HMP Winchester, facilitated by Nick Pemberton, Veterans in Custody officer. Nick is an